Work with Laura

What are you seeking?

Find the truth and power of your own voice.

Take ownership of your healing journey.

Get to know yourself deeply, in an entirely new way.

With her voice, Laura Mitchell is a conduit for the ascended masters and Angelic realms, bringing deep release, abiding peace and raising vibration, and ultimately leading to ascension.

See for yourself with a Voice Medicine Meditation

How I can help you

In-person events

Interested in attending a festival or event? I run Sound Baths, Voice Medicine sessions, and offer unique meditations and music.

One to one bespoke transformations

Find your Soul Song, strengthen and repair your voice, heal spirit and body from within with the power of your voice.


Custom, royalty-free meditation tracks including singing bowls, gongs, harps, and more at varying lengths. Use on your own or with clients to deepen the experience.

Voice Medicine Magic

Connect to your highest self, uncover your deepest truth, and enjoy a liberating transformation (using the deeply spiritual power of your unique voice) BETA cohort starts Jan 2024