Voice Medicine Magic

Connect to your highest self, uncover your deepest truth, and enjoy a liberating transformation (using the deeply spiritual power of your unique voice)

“Laura is a Wonderful teacher of great depth, humility and humour. I’ve learned so much about the philosophy, origins and meanings of Mantra and sound. She also takes care of the practical components of voice production, then mechanisms of the voice, the emotions and physiology. Not to mention caring for our voices so that they last for our whole life.”

The power is within you…

Have you ever felt that little lump in your throat when you want to say something but can’t find your voice?

Do you love and connect deeply with music, or maybe even attend sound baths or use meditation bowls?

Are you ready to give yourself some of the kindness you give so freely to others to allow space for healing, authenticity, and fun?

“This course was Amazing! The wonderful wealth and knowledge of years of music education, training and philosophy. I highly recommend Laura’s courses. The knowledge the wisdom and the love that shines through.”

The catalyst

Everything in the universe has it’s own unique vibration- even (and especially) you! 

Sound waves interact with these vibrations, altering or matching frequencies. 

Connecting to your personal vibration changes the ephemeral, like emotion, into the physical world as sound. 

We sing and hum to babies and children to calm them. We have favourite songs we visit again and again because of how they make us feel. 

Your voice is the ultimate source of that power, and is the supreme catalyst for transformation, healing, and empowerment.

“Laura awoke my heart to the healing power of sound when I heard her voice. I was transported into deep meditation. This sound is the closest you’ll get to hearing Angels.”

About Laura

Laura Mitchell, Tantrica Sound Medicine Woman and Soul Healer, is passionate about sharing the many gifts she has received over the years, and as such offers the best possible training and experiences to clients.

She is also an Award Winning Soprano and as such enjoyed an 23 year international career as an opera, concert and recital singer. She trained at the Royal College of Music, The Benjamin Britten International Opera School and The National Opera Studio.

However, in her early thirties, she had a stage accident where she was thrown across the stage by a miss-timed colleague, mid-performance, leaving her unable to walk or even speak.

She rehabilitated through training in Voice, Bodywork, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Yoga and Soul Song Delivery, and Tantra, using them to completely reshape her life and singing physiology.

Through these events she discovered techniques that can lift even the most desperate of situations, and is genuinely called to share her skills and vocal techniques with others in these most unusual times.

“I have the privilege of knowing this lady. Her voices resonates with the ‘eternal’… taking you both deeply within yourself and beyond. She also laughs the music of a waterfall and smiles a million sunrises.”

How it works

Voice Medicine Magic will teach you how to use your voice in ways you never thought possible for healing, peace, and connection.

You’ll be in a small group of like-minded people along the same journey. This will allow us all to support and share with each other and provide a safe, welcoming, warm space to practise our talents and skills.

Held in three levels over varying time frames (6- 14 weeks), you’ll build foundations, put your skills into practice in your daily life, and then truly master these techniques to liberate yourself from fear, share with others, and deepen your connection with self and Spirit.

Level 1

In Level 1, you’ll learn the foundations, such as:

The physicality of how to use your voice
Introductory practices including:

  • Vowels
  • Vocalising
  • Breath-work
  • Toning
  • Vocal exercises
  • Meditation practices

Level 2

In Level 2, you’ll learn some more practical applications, such as:
  • Releasing blockages and basic anatomy
  • Voice exercises
  • Chakras
  • Connecting sound to your intuition (sound tells us everything we need to know!)
  • Sound healing (including sound for internal organs)

Level 3

In Level 3, you’ll learn to master these skills, such as:
  • Overcoming fear, nerves, and anxiety 
  • Going public with your speaking, singing, and other creative skills
  • Getting into the creative flow
  • How to protect yourself from unpleasant vibrations
  • How to transform unpleasant vibrations
  • How to heal yourself

Once these three levels are completed, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to apply for Level 4, also known as the Gateway to Bliss.

More information on this small, dedicated group program to come.

Sign up now

Spaces on the Beta Program are extremely limited. Start date Jan 2024

Bundle and save on all three for a one-time investment of £1500

Invest £500 per month for three months

Invest £250 per month for 6 months

Invest £125 per month for 12 months

Want to start with Level One? No problem! (Just remember that the investment will increase for the next round)

“Amazing! Laura’s Voice is the voice of an Angel… [she] takes you to a different level. Pure Bliss.”

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