Your voice is the window
to your soul

work with Laura

Voice Training

Your voice and sound are totally unique to you!  All your experiences, thoughts and emotions colour the way you speak to yourself (internal voice) and  represent yourself in the external world via your interactions with others (spoken word, thought and actions).



I teach those who:

  • have a deep love of singing and wish develop their voice and ability
  •  have been told they cannot sing but would love to
  •   love to sing but are frustrated with their sound
  • are terrified of making a sound but want to work through the fear
  • are a professional or semi professional, looking to refine vocal and performance technique
  • who wish to just  ‘find’ their voice.

In a one to one sound healing session you will be lying in a comfortable position whilst I weave you a unique sound journey to release stuck energy and to return your body and mind to optimum frequency.  At the beginning of the session we will have a discussion about what is happening in your life and what you wish to address, clear and restore.  

People have used sounds, particularly musical sounds, naturally and therapeutically through centuries.  The origins of healing by sound can be traced into prehistory and beyond into the realm of myth and the memory of human evolution.


‘There is an infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change and this same reality lies at the core of every human being.  The purpose of the human journey is to connect with this stillness, a sense of wholeness that is unchanging.  When we experience this stillness we experience a greater sense of unity’ (Dr Neelam Taneja).

The physicists call it String Theory – that we are living in a universe that is made of sound vibrations and its as if we are being played like musical instruments!  We have the power to create and transform the world we live in, our reality, with our words, sounds, actions, vibrations…and what better way to transform ourselves than with the very thing that we are made of. 

Sound Healing

Using voice, ancient instruments and tones to induce deep relaxation, sound healing can resolve negative emotions and memories and therefore release anything that may be holding you back whilst restoring you to a state of ease and peace.

Meditation zen garden with stones on sand

The human body is like an instrument, a collection of vibrations that are connected.  The human vibrations are part of the vibrations of the Earth, the Solar system and the Universe.  The universe is a web of sound.

The vibrations of the body are consistently changing and transforming as we age and gather life experiences.  At the core of these changing human experiences there is an inner stillness and wholeness that has been expressed in the Perennial Philosophy over the centuries.

Everything is in a state of vibration areas of the body resonate at certain frequencies and all the organs have their own specific resonating frequencies too.  

Sound Healing, Tibetan Singing Bowl

Soul Song

During this session you are invited to rest in a comfortable position, either lying down or seated.  

It begins with clearing the energy centres and restoring them to optimal frequency. You are then led into a deep meditation during which the song of your soul is revealed to me and I sing it to you  and record it for you to keep after the session.  It has been said by my previous clients that the soul song is like being deeply held and having your your own unique vibration sung into existence.  The results of this are a celebration of your uniqueness, your unique sound, which allows you to strike that chord in the world around you for all to hear.  Many that have had this session have found that they are able to realise their purpose and create the life that they wish to live.  Where previously they have faltered or felt lost, they now know themselves and are confident in their own unique abilities.

Woman practicing yoga and sitting in lotus pose outdoor with amazing ocean view. Nature background.