Revitalise and rejuvenate your cells

Using the power of voice medicine

Toning is an incredibly powerful tool to find your inner power and heal from within.

Vocal Toning means you repeat a specific note to energise, harmonise, and rejuvenate your cells.

In this 15 minute guided meditation, I’ll guide you through 8 notes, allowing you the freedom to do what feels right to you while keeping you relaxed and getting all the benefits from this powerful exercise. 

Grab it below and get instant access to this incredible resource- and don’t forget to let me know how you get on!

I'm Laura

And I've learned firsthand how powerful our voices are.

In my early thirties while working as an opera singer, I was in a stage accident that left me unable to walk or sing.

Everything I knew changed in that moment. I could no longer do the thing I loved, but I wouldn’t be deterred.

I rehabilitated through my training in Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, Yoga- you name it. And throughout this process, I completely reshaped my life and singing physiology.

Having experienced firsthand the incredible healing power of these modalities, a passion was ignited within me to share these gifts with others, whether you want to keep your voice fresh and protected for singing or if you want to use Voice Medicine for healing.