Yoga of sound

Nada yoga practice provides an effortless way for cultivating peace within: a deeply pleasing and accessible way to experience the effects of Sound both upon us, within us, and in the world. This School is for anyone who is interested in the use and effect of sound in their yoga practice or teaching.

Nada translates as ‘subtle sound vibration’. It follows a clearly guided system towards hearing these subtle sounds within us, enabling us to incorporate these practices and learnings into our lives. Working conscientiously through these practices offers you insight into your life and the opportunity and tools to transform your daily routines and individual & universal vibration.

Nada Yoga is the easiest way to supreme consciousness”


Some kind words from some of our former course members:


Mr & Mrs Brilliant

We believe you’re already perfect and brilliant, our job is to help you realise you’re already brilliantly perfect too.

Laura Mitchell is an award winning Soprano and as such enjoyed an 18 year international career as an opera, concert and recital singer. She trained at the Royal College of Music, The Benjamin Britten International Opera School and The National Opera Studio. Alongside this she trained as a level 1 Clear Mind Institute mindfulness teacher, British Wheel of Yoga Hatha yoga teacher, an Integrated Yoga Therapist, and Esalen Practitioner. She is a member of the Sound Healers Association and a sound healing practitioner from The Colour of Sound Institute.

Laura is very experienced in using Sound and Meditation for deep healing, transformation and transcendence. She is dedicated to the transformation, health and wellbeing of humanity and the universe through the use of mantra and sound.


Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Dr Neelam Taneja PhD is an accredited teacher of meditation and mindfulness from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Dr Neelam Taneja PhD is an accredited teacher of meditation and mindfulness from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, as well as the Mindfulness in Schools Project for training trainers and students. He has trained over 200 teachers in Mindfulness. 

Also, Neelam is accredited by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon of Chopra Centre in California (USA) as a teacher of Mediation for teaching a mantra practice from the Advaita Vedanta tradition of Shankracharya of Jyoti Math, Himalayas in India.

He is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga and trains Yoga teachers in the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation as well Sanskrit for the BWY diploma course. 

Neelam is registered as a Senior Yoga Tutor with the Yoga Alliance (UK).

Neelam is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK).



Do I need to be a yoga teacher?

No.  This is an introduction to Nada Yoga and some of the practices that can lead up to experiencing it.  However, this course offers profound gifts to anyone interested in yoga at any level and therefore suites students and teachers alike.
If you are applying through the BWY and would like accreditation then you will need to either be, or become a member.

Is this the same as sound baths?

There are no instruments involved apart from the ones inside your body.

Do I need to have music experience to do this course?

Your interest in this course would indicate that you already have a strong interest in music and sound however, no formal training is needed.  This is not a course on how to be a better musician, it is the exploration of sound in its most purest form.

I’m not a confident singer, does this matter?

In this course you are given the opportunity to develop your ability to produce sound using your voice.  Laura was an International Opera Singer and shares a wealth of experience, teaching methods and games to help you grow in confidence whilst building strength with your voice without risk of damaging it.

Will we need instruments?

The only instrument you will need is your voice.

I’m not a yoga teacher and have very little experience, will I be out of my depth?

This Yoga course is designed to embrace the absolute novice while concurrently allowing for a deeper exploration for students with experience of yoga.  This is possible due to the simple, yet profound practice that is Nada Yoga. Often the most experienced among us, return to the very basics to refine their practice.