Sound Healing | Short Meditations Bundle



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Enjoy relaxation, release, and regulation with long Instrumental and Gong meditation tracks.

The instruments ‘wash’ the cells of the body with their frequencies allowing for the body to release emotions, illness, excess. (1hr 33mins long)

The Instrumental and ambient sounds are made using the sounds of waves on the beach, crystal bowl progressions based around the chord of C major, and harp and Theta (deep restorative relaxation) choir in A minor – the relative to C major.

The tracks wash in and out of these two sequences and create a whole body reset. Created using the AA Michael and Christ energy, these have an Angelic resonance too bring =ing lasting healing to the cellular shifts experienced during the sound tracks.

The Gong Tracks are created using the Buddha zen energy and allow you to breathe and release all worries, refocusing your mind with every strike of the gong. (1hr 12mins long)

Experience deep relaxation, healing, and presence in every breath.

Use these meditations for your personal practice or with clients!


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