Sound Healing | Gong Meditation Bundle



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Energy, Frequencies, Vibrational Medicine & Gong bath Meditations

Enjoy three beautiful tracks created using the Buddha Zen energy and allow you to breathe and release all worries, refocusing your mind with every strike of the gong.

Gong music can be used to rebalance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies by rebalancing your frequency.

It deeply rejuvenates the body and cells, it carries one into effortless state of relaxation, and it can be very transformative by helping one to unblock negative emotions that affects our state of health and wellbeing.

The power of Gong bath meditation is the act of not doing but listening. Even people who struggle to meditate find it effortless with gong sounds.

Experience deep relaxation, healing and presence in every breath.

Use these meditations for your personal practice or with clients!


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