Kindness Klub

Step into a Circle of Kindred Spirits, Where Magic Meets Mindfulness, and Laughter Lights the Way to Transformation

Beyond self-care

The Kindness Klub is designed to transform lives through the power of community, healing,  and spiritual growth.

Members can expect to find a haven for spiritual exploration and expansion, a space to explore and harness the power of kindness both towards themselves and others.

Through exclusive content, engaging group calls, and profound healing sessions, members are guided on a journey towards greater well-being, emotional resilience, and spiritual awakening, ultimately leading to a more fulfilled, peaceful, and connected life.

Kindness unlocks the door

Unlock Joy

Discover daily practices that fill your life with joy and gratitude

Foster Connections

Build meaningful relationships in a community that cherishes kindness

Cultivate Growth

Embrace personal and spiritual growth through guided journeys and transformative content

Embrace Peace

Find calm and reduce stress in a supportive, uplifting environment

What's inside

Everything you need is within...

24/7 Community Support

Available for all tiers

Monthly Kindness Klub Katch-ups

Available for Mystic Meadows & Celestial Circle

Channelled Sound Transmissions & Healing sessions

Available for Celestial Circle only


“Laura's musical talents, Angelic presence, practice of yoga, philosophy, breath work, spiritual growth, and her incredible voice are unparalleled.”
S, client
“Laura Mitchell held a wonderful session introducing us to the immense power of sound and vibration and how it plays in our lives. She took us through some simple yet powerful techniques to not only settle our body, but to also help us transmute our stuff.”
Melissa Amos, Akashic records expert and spiritual mentor

About Laura

Laura Mitchell is a Tantrica Sound Medicine Woman and Soul Healer, bringing a wealth of experience from her 23-year career as an award-winning soprano and extensive training in various healing modalities.

After a serious stage accident that impacted her ability to walk and speak, Laura turned adversity into strength. She embarked on a holistic journey of recovery, mastering Voice, Bodywork, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Yoga, Soul Song Delivery, and Tantra.

Today, Laura is dedicated to empowering others by sharing the transformative techniques that reshaped her life.

Join the Kindness Klub

Become a Kindred Spirit

£5 /month

Dive into the essence of the Kindness Klub with exclusive access to enriching content. Begin your journey of self-discovery and nurturing kindness at your own pace.

Find the Mystic Meadows

£11 /month

Elevate your experience with everything in Kindred Spirits, plus join us for the “Kindness Klub Katch Up” – a monthly group call where magic happens in shared stories and laughter.

Join the Celestial Circle

£22 /month

For those seeking the zenith of spiritual connection, Celestial Circle offers all the benefits of Mystic Meadows, with an additional monthly call featuring Channelled Sound Transmission, Healing Sessions, and Guidance from Ascended Masters. This tier is your gateway to profound transformation and celestial wisdom.