Your voice is a most powerful gift

I believe in offering the best possible training and am passionate about sharing the many gifts I have received over the years.  To set the scene, here are some of my credentials…

I am an award winning soprano and as such enjoyed an 23 year international career as an opera, concert and recital singer. I trained at the Royal College of Music, The Benjamin Britten International Opera School and The National Opera Studio.

However, in my early thirties I had a stage accident where  I was thrown across the stage by a miss-timed colleague,  mid performance and this left unable to sing or even walk! 

For those who want to sing and keep their voices fresh and protected for life, I am delighted to offer my expertise and share the technique used by most professional singers – of any genre.

For those wanting to use their voice for personal growth, I know through experience that yoga, breathing techniques and sound as a medicine may help one regain optimum mental, physical and spiritual health – helping each of us find not only peace of mind but a deep sense of connection”

International, award winning Soprano and Sound Healer

I rehabilitated through my training in voice, bodywork, mindfulness, energy medicine, Sound healing, Yoga and Soul song delivery,  I completely reshaped my life and singing physiology.

Through these events I discovered techniques that can lift even the most desperate of situations, and I am passionate about sharing these skills and vocal techniques with others in these most unusual times.